News from Room 16 – April 27, 2016

Art Night at Lewis is coming up quickly!  It is on May 12th from 6-8pm.  Your child has the opportunity to be a docent in charge of explaining one of our pieces during Art Night.  Last week, a sign up sheet for docents was sent home and as of today, only 5 have been returned.  We are looking for at least 5 more students to help us out!  There are three time slots available: 6:00-6:25, 6:30-6:55, and 7:00-7:25.  If your child is interested in being a docent and helping us have a well-informed, smooth-running Art Night, please turn in your form ASAP!

We will be taking our final Smarter Balanced Assessment next week.  It is the Math Performance Task which is a fairly short set of questions all based on the same scenario.  It is worth checking out the practice test online at .

Mr. Daniel, our Right Brain artist is returning on Thursday to teach us how to stain our clay pots to bring out the texture.  It will be exciting to see the finished product when it emerges from the kiln next week.  He will visit us one final time so students can celebrate their creations.  Our clay pots will be on display at Art Night, so come by to see them!

-Ms. Elissa & Mr. Tristan

News from Room 16 – April 20, 2016

A huge thank you to everyone for turning in your permission slips on time!  Woohoo!  Ask your child about how the play went this afternoon; after so much built up anticipation for this performance, they are likely to have some strong opinions on how it all came together.

Our class will continue testing next week.  We have completed all of the ELA (Reading and Writing) portions of the Smarter Balanced Assessment and we are moving into the Math sections.  This week’s homework assignment is another OPTIONAL practice test packet that covers what the math test will look like.  You can also look at the practice test online at:

The class is beginning a new science unit on pollination and seed dispersal.  We will be creating some pollinators and flowers out of recycled materials and/or craft supplies next week.  If you have any empty plastic bottles that would otherwise be recycled to share with the class, we would appreciate it greatly!

Thank you!

Mr. Tristan & Ms. Elissa


News from Room 16 – April 13, 2016

Testing began this week and these guys have been working hard!!  We will take the ELA Performance Task next week, then Math and the Math Performance Task in the following two weeks.  Students who have opted out will continue to work on independent tasks in class during that time.

Outside of testing, Mr. Tristan will be leading much of the school day starting next week.  During the next six weeks, Mr. Tristan will be taking over the daily responsibilities in our classroom, but Ms. Elissa will be nearby to provide support as needed.  Mr. Tristan has written a letter of introduction which you will find in your take home folder this week.  Feel free to contact him with questions, concerns, or words of encouragement at:

Next Wednesday is our field trip to see The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  Please turn in your permission slips as soon as possible so I can place the sack lunch order.

Thank you!

-Ms. Elissa & Mr. Tristan

News from Room 16 – April 6, 2016

It was a good thing the rain returned Sunday night – I’m not sure I could have dragged myself out of my garden if it continued to be so delightful outside!  I hope a few of you also got to enjoy some of the “brownies” our class shared on Friday!  :)

In the weeks to come our class will begin taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  We will start off with the ELA (Reading and Writing) portion of the test next Monday, April 11th.  Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and has a hearty breakfast on Monday morning.  We took a look at the practice test online in class on Tuesday and I am sending home a printed copy of a similar practice test for homework.  This assignment is OPTIONAL but can be very helpful in preparing students for the tasks they will be expected to do independently on the test.  I have gotten a few questions about opting out – the necessary forms are kept in the office.  Students who have opted out will be working on some independent tasks during our testing time.

Additionally, Mr. Tristan has been taking on a more active role in our classroom over the last several weeks.  He will be starting his solo teaching time soon is very excited to have a class environment that seems like a natural fit.  You will get a letter of introduction from him next week.

Finally, Scholastic book orders are due next week by the 13th!

Enjoy the sun,

-Ms. Elissa and Mr. Tristan

News from Room 16 – March 30, 2016

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a chance to rest and relax (even if only for a moment!) over the break.

This week we are working on a Mondrian-inspired integrated math and art project lead by Mr. Tristan.  Students have been using multiplication, addition, subtraction, and a creative eye to create a Mondrian-esque collage.  Check out some of the work these guys have done on our Twitter (@epdingus)!

We also kicked off our Chinook storyline on Monday.  Over the next several weeks, students will be stepping back through time to experience life in Portland as a Native American before the arrival of Europeans to the area.  We examined several tribal maps earlier this week to help us identify which tribe was local to Portland.  I have posted a link to one of these maps on the blog.  It is eye-opening to see the sheer number of individual tribes, all of whom had their own distinct languages and customs that once existed in North America.  Check it out for yourself:

Our class will begin taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment standardized test starting on April 11th.  We will start off with the Language Arts assessments and continue with the Math throughout the month.  Students who have opted out will have separate in-class assignments to work on during our testing time.  You can access a variety of practice tests here:   Just select 3rd grade and the content area of choice and take a look.  We will also be looking at this in class soon.

Finally, I am sending home the April book orders this week.  Please turn them in by April 13th to ensure timely delivery.

Thank you for all that you do,

-Ms. Elissa